Prop Guard for DJI Phantom 4 Material: Durable PA66+GF nylon


Prop Guard for DJI Phantom 4 Material: Durable PA66+GF nylon

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Quick-Disconnect Prop Guards Installation

ABS composite material, light weight, resist to strike, knock.

Color: White

Combo: One set include 4pcs

For your info.: Why do you need Propeller Guards to your new DJI Phantom 4? Reasons as below:

  1. Safety– You can find plenty of videos on YouTube of bloody fingers, hands, and arms which resulted from drone propeller accidents. The propeller guards make it much less likely this will happen to you or, more importantly, to an innocent bystander.
  1. Enhanced Recovery– Your Phantom is less likely to get caught in a tree. The guard helps deflect the drone after a collision.

3. Easier to Carry – You now have something to grab on to (not while the drone is on!) and protect the props should you drop it.

  1. Increased Visibility – You can see your Phantom from a greater distance. The increased size makes it much more visible.
  1. Better Landing Protection – Your Phantom will eventually land on its side. But with the guards, the props are protected.
  1. They Look Cool – The “coolness” factor is increased!
  1. They are inexpensive

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