FUM-FPV01 FUSUNO 5.8 GHz Circular Polarized Antenna set (2 pcs)


FUM-FPV01 FUSUNO 5.8 GHz Circular Polarized Antenna set (2 pcs)

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The cloverleaf antenna design has proven to be one of the best antenna designs for FPV flight. With the new Fusuno SPW cloverleaf antenna, you will have the best quality and range for FPV applications. The best ideal SWR ratio is 1:1, most cloverleaf antenna on the market is guaranteed under 1.5:1.0 SWR ratio, our antenna is carefully made to achieve under 1.1:1.0 SWR ratio. This almost perfect SWR ratio makes it very efficient, with most the power reaching the destination and no reflected power. You are sure to enjoy your flights!

Supports most FVP systems (but not Fatshark or Immersionrc).

Connector: RP-SMA male

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