4S 30000mAh Smart Battery for M690A

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4S 30000mAh Smart Battery for M690A

Product Description

New Solid Li-ion battery
This is new intergrated battery by Li-ion battery and Li-po battery with the advantages for each battery. It achieves good
performance in cycle life, high energy, high discharge rate and high safety performance, small size and light weight.
The discharge rate is about 5 times higher than that of Li-ion battery.
Its energy density increased by 30%-35%, even 20% higher weight than that of high-voltage version lipo battery.
The drone endurance time will increased by 20%-35% by using Li-ion+Li-po hybrid battery.
Cycle life: over 500 times
The discharge interval of each battery cell: 2.7v to 4.2v

T-Drones 14.8V 4s 30, 000mAh Smart Drone Rechargeable Battery
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