Power Module(PM02 V3)

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PM02 Power Module is a simple way of providing your autopilot flight controller with clean power from a LiPo battery as well as current consumption and battery voltage measurements, all through a 6-pos cable. The on-board switching regulator outputs 5.2V and a maximum of 3A from up to a 12S LiPo battery. The Power Module comes completely assembled with XT60 connectors, and wrapped in shrink tubing for protection.
The Power Module is designed to power autopilot flight controller, a RC receiver and APM accessories (GPS, radio). It is not designed to power servos. Use your aircraft's own ESC/BEC for that.
The GH terminal is also compatible with Pix32,Pixhawk4,Pixhawk4 mini, Pix32v5 and Durandal. 

Note: This PM02 Power Module uses analog data output and is not compatible to the Pixhawk 5X (Requires a digital PM like PM02D). 

UBEC input voltage : 7~51v (2~12s LiPo) 
Rated current:60A
Max current:120A(<60S)
Max current sensing: 120A
Supports 12S battery
Voltage and current measurement configured for 3.3V ADC 
Switching regulator outputs 5.2V and 3A max 
Weight: 20g

Make the PM02 show the quantity of electric charge of your battery

Mission Planner setup:

  1. Connect PM02 to the battery, also connect it to Mission Planner via USB.
  2. Click “INITIAL SETUP” and come to the menu “Battery Monitor”.
  3. Make “Monito” into “Analog Voltage and Current”.
  4. Make “Sensor” into “9: Holybro Pixhawk4 PM”.
  5. Make “HW Ver: "The Cube or Pixhawk" (pixhawk4,pixhawk4mini,pix32v5,pix32)”   
            “HW Ver:  Durandal(Durandal)”           
  6. Input “18.182” into Voltage divider (Calced).
  7. Input “36.364” into “Amperes per volt”.
  8. Disconnect and reconnect it to finish the setting up.(“Measured battery voltage” shows the current quantity of electric charge of the battery.)

HW Ver: "The Cube or Pixhawk" (pixhawk4,pixhawk4mini,pix32v5,pix32)

HW Ver:  Durandal (Durandal).Or you can desigante it in the Full Parameter List   

Package Includes:

1x   Power Module with XT60 Connectors Board
1x  Electrolytic capacito: 220uF 63V (installed)
1x   Molex 6 Position Connector 15 cm
1x   GH 6 Position Connector 15 cm 


Holybro Power Module(PM02 V3) Manual

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