5.8GHz A/V "Uno V.2" Receptor (Immersion RC´s)

5.8GHz A/V "Uno V.2" Receptor (Immersion RC´s)

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Ground Station Component Receiver:

The Uno5800 is the first in a line of ‘smart’ receivers designed for single-cable, plug and play, integration with the ImmersionRC Ground Station system.

The UNO5800 passes poweraudiovideo, and a bidirectional data link, through a single Mini-Din connector, to the Ground Station, and also provides traditional 3.5mm jacks, and DC power jacks, for compatibility with older systems. (mini-din connector will be available separately, Uno includes 1 30cm a/v cable with female RCA plugs and 1 2.1mm barrel connector power lead with bare wires)

The data link allows the Ground Station to know, at all times, the received signal strength (RSSI), allowing it to warn the pilot of low-signal conditions, helping ‘hone’ a GPS-tracked antenna mount, to ensure that the antenna is always optimally positioned pointing at the plane. This same data link allows the Ground Station to control various aspects of the receiver. An antenna mounted directly on the antenna’s RF output eliminates cable loses but, can cause difficulty gaining access to the controls directly on the receiver, but with the UNO’s data link channel selection can be controlled on the ground station.

 With > -90dB sensitivity per receiver the Uno 5800 is sensitive, very sensitive. Paired with an appropriate antenna, it will give you many miles/km of range. Add an antenna tracker, and a higher gain antenna, and this range increases significantly.

Like every ImmersionRC product, we have engineered the UNO5800 from an FPV-er’s perspective. It will warn you when the receiver battery runs low, with an automatic, or user-settable low voltage threshold.
FatShark and ImmersionRC Ltd. are proud to announce the launch of the 'NexWaveRF' series of A/V RF modules.
The first in this series are for the 5.8GHz band, using the 'Airwave' frequencies used previously by FatShark, ImmersionRC, and other companies such as Iftron.
These modules are full custom designs, targeting the FPV market, with the following key features:

• Significant range increase over previous modules, approaching a factor of 2 in most practical situations
• Much less abrupt loss of signal when approaching the limits of range
• Extensive filtering of UHF, and 2.4GHz emissions in close proximity to the receiver (important for goggle use)
• Greatly reduced tendency to 'tear' at the top of the image
• Compatible with existing FatShark/ImmersionRC 5.8GHz equipment

The increased performance of these modules, combined with the 5.8GHz SpiroNET omnis, and the upcoming 5.8GHz SpiroNET patch antennas, will make FPV using CE-legal 25mW systems much more viable.

5.8GHz 'Uno' receiver

- Frequencies (Airwave) : 5740MHz, 5760MHz, 5780MHz, 5800MHz, 5820MHz, 5840MHz, 5860MHz (all within the legal ISM band)

- Dual buffered A/V outputs

- Single Cable Groundstation Connection (Power, Audio, Video, Control) 

- 6-13v DC Supply

- High Bandwidth Stereo Audio


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