Sirio R5 Frame Kit "NEW" Azul


Sirio R5 Frame Kit "NEW" Azul

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The AVANT Sirio R5  is a  lightweight 5" Stretched X Racer is designed to support the micro sized camera such as Runcam Micro Swift V1/V2 and the new Runcam Micro Swift V3 with mounting pattern 19mm-19.5mm. Standard sized camera will also fit but with a set of custom made 3d printed mount. New improved features with  4mm thick chamfered arms,  2.5mm chamfered top plate, 2.5mm camera mounting plate, 2.5mm chamfered bottom plate and 3mm mid plate for much better rigidity and durability.  Standoffs are secured on top of the press nuts  with only 12 screws to complete the frame assembly.  All press nuts come pre-installed for simple assembly. 2 straps (1x 15mm and 1x 20mm) are fitted for battery mounting. More carbon on  all the stress point areas  to prevent easy breakage in high speed crashes. Camera mounting position is located behind the front standoffs for much better protection.  Kit comes standard with 25mm long standoffs with plenty of space mounting the FC stack. Air frame + hardware weighs 69g.



  • Weight (Airframe + Hardware): 69g (+/-3g) 
  • Motor to Motor diagonally: 208mm
  • Arm Thickness: 4mm 
  • Bottom Plate Thickness: 2.5mm
  • Mid Plate Thickness: 3.0mm 
  • Top Plate Thickness: 2.5mm 
  • Camera mounting plate thickness: 2.5mm
  • FC mounting pattern: 30.5 x 30.5mm (M3 mounting holes) and 20mm x 20mm (M2.5 mounting holes)
  • ESCs: 20a-35a
  • Motor Size: 22xx - 23xx
  • Motor mounting pattern: 16mm x 19mm
  • Prop Size: 5"
  • Lipo: 4S 1100mah - 1550mah 



  • 4x    4mm 3K Twill Weave carbon fiber arm (Chamfered)
  • 1x    2.5mm 3K Twill Weave carbon fiber bottom plate (Chamfered)
  • 1x    3.0mm 3K Twill Weave carbon fiber mid plate (Chamfered)
  • 1x    2.5mm 3K twill Weave carbon fiber top plate (Chamfered)
  • 2x    2.5mm 3K carbon fiber camera mounting plate
  • 4x    25mm aluminum textured grip standoffs
  • 2x    M2*5 high tensile steel screws (for camera mounting)
  • 8x    M3 high quality stainless steel press nuts (pre-installed on mid plate)
  • 4x    M3*6 high tensile steel screws 
  • 4x    M3*12 high tensile steel screws
  • 4x    M3*16  high tensile steel screws  
  • 4x    M3*15 nylon screws
  • 4x    5mm hex nylon standoff
  • 8x    M3 nylon nuts
  • 1x    XT60 connectors
  • 1x    Avant battery strap (210mm long) "Blue Logo"



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