Jiyi P2 Multirotor Autopilot Vuelo Sistema De Control


Jiyi P2 Multirotor Autopilot Vuelo Sistema De Control

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JIYI P2 Autopilot Flight Controller with 7th U-Blox GPS & 32bit ST F4 processor


Brand name: JIYI
Item name: P2 flight controller




Peripheral Supported Multi‐rotor  Quad I,Quad X;
Hexa I, Hexa X, Hexa Y, Hexa IY;
Supported Electronic 
Speed Controller Output
Maximum output channels 6
Radio Controller recommended PCM or 2.4GHZ,at least 6 channels controller
(Support Failsafe function for all channels)
External Receiver Supported  SBUS,PPM,PWM
Recommended Battery  2S ~ 6S LiPo
Flight Performance Operating Temperature  ‐10‐60℃
Assistant Software System Requirement  Windows XP; Windows 7
Vibration damper  <1G
Hovering Accuracy (In GPS Mode)  Vertical: ± 0.8m                                  
Horizontal: ± 2m
Maximum Wind Resistance  <8m/s (17.9mph/28.8km/h)
Max Yaw Angular Velocity  150deg/s
Max Tilt Angle  35°
Ascent/Descent  ±6/s
Electrical & Mechanical Power Consumption  <=2W
Built‐In Functions GPS mode
Attitude Mode
Intelligent Orientation Control Mode
Low Voltage Protection
External Receiver Supported
Intelligent Orientation Control
Failsafe Mode
Support Ground Station Function
Hardware Total Weight Controller: 32g
GPS/Compass Mode: 32g
LED/PMU: 20g
Dimensions Flight Controller: 48×38×17.5mm
GPS/ compass mode:54.8 (diameter)×15.2mm


·All‐in‐one Design
·Six Types of Multi‐rotors supported
·Support Ground Station Function & OSD
·New Assistant Software
·Independent PMU & LED module
·PWM,PPM,SBUS receiver supported
·Enhanced Failsafe Mode
·Low Voltage Protections
·Intelligent Orientation Control
·Advanced & Improved Attitude Stabilization Algorithm
·The Seventh Generation GPS & 32‐bit CPU

The Most Shining Point: one key to swift 2 modes in JIYI flight controller. Sports mode for hobbyist and comfortable mode for fresh.
Almost no tuning on assistant software & beginner operating smoothly within 5 minutes.

Installation video,please click here
Remote calibration video,please click here
Assistant Software download video,please click here
Accelerometer calibration video,please click here
English Manual,Please Click Here!

Package Included:
1 x P2 flight controller
1 x GPS module
1 x LED/Power module

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