Tarot High Efficiency Carbon Fiber Propeller 1755

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Tarot High Efficiency Carbon Fiber Propeller 1755

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Product description:

Carbon fiber CW / CCW props applies to motor mounting holes for the three-hole series of six-axis, the eight axis multi-axis brushless motor.

The carbon content of 100% imported Toray 3K plain carbon fiber woven, high temperature and pressure prefabricated precision machining, hardness higher than conventional products on the market, each of the clockwise and counter-clockwise of all-carbon fiber paddle through the manual with flat static and dynamic balance, TAROT optimization of a series of carbon fiber pros paddle efficiency and load wing stability.



Carbon fiber multiaxial standard paddle × 1
Carbon fiber multiaxial counter paddle × 1
Paddle balanced laser sticker x 1
Weight: 25.6g/PCS


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