Walkera HM Genius CP V2 Helicopter (2.4Ghz Value Edition / BNF


Walkera HM Genius CP V2 Helicopter (2.4Ghz Value Edition / BNF

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Walkera Genuis CP V2 RC Helicopter

Walkera releases a new and improved Genuis CP helicopter. The Walkera Genius cp v2  adopts a Feneration II 6 axis gyro control system, the Genuis CP V2 has better anti-crash design than the Walkera Mini Cp, better receiver  based on the original six axis Gandhara instrument and different canopy to the Walkera Genius CP.  The RC Helicopter is suitable for both advanced and beginner pilots,  the helicopter is capable of flying upside down and Inverted flight.  The Genuis CP V2 new tail blade makes the helicopter easier to fly and provides it with better performance. In addition to with the plus extra up02 adaptor you can use the online update and support Telemetry function.

Package includes:
Genius cp v2 helicopter
Devo 7 Radio
Battery * 2
Tool Kit
Extra Main Blade

Features of the Walkera Genius CP V2:

New 6-Axis gyro control system, the best choice for beginners.
Super durable with only 41g (Battery included)
Genius CP V2 is 200mm in length, 80mm in height, and 41 grams in weight.
Unique coreless motor drive system illuminates the trend of the newest technology. Its weight is 5 grams lighter than the iron core's. It features low drive current, high efficiency, and prompt response. The charm of 3D indoor flight is revealed without omission.
The receiver integrates Walkera latest flybarless control system technology. It adds the gain-adjustable function of 6-axis gyro.
Brand new 2g digital servo features light weight, small cubage, fine accuracy, and prompt response.
The modularized design for Genius CP V2 greatly reduces relying on screws, so it is easy for you to get maintenance. The usage of big modulus in gear wheel prevents the teeth from break, so it is more durable.
The flybarless design characterises low power loss and great improvements in efficiency.
Adopting composite material, 100% increasing the toughness.

Specifications of Walkera Genius CP V2:

1). Main Rotor Diameter: 240mm
2). Tail Rotor Diameter: 45 mm
3). Overall Length: 220mm
4). Weight: 41g
5). Servo: wk-02-3
6). GYRO: 6-axis
7). Battery: 3.7V 200mAh Li-Po


Quad-bearing design.Improved quad-bearing design of the Radio sticks makes the control silky and smoothly.
Adopted core technology of DEVO 12,versatile function ,high cost performance .
2 Model Type: Helicopter and Airplane. Improved programming with more mixes and better interface Program MIX ¡¦MIX to Throttle.
7-point throttle curve makes the control exquisitely.
Fifteen-model memory.
Online update funcation:Enjoying update the latest program and copy model data freely and easily.


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