Bateria de Li-Po GENS ACE-2600 mAh 11.1V 55C (GENS-ACE2600)


Bateria de Li-Po GENS ACE-2600 mAh 11.1V 55C (GENS-ACE2600)

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Gens ACE 11.1V 2200 25C 25C Reales, 50C de pico. Alta capacidad, máxima descarga. Protección de aluminio contra golpes. Carga hasta 5C. Nueva generación de baterías.


· Capacidad: 2, 600mAh

· Voltaje: 11.1V

· Dimensiones: 115.76 x 34.08 x 24.51mm

· Peso: 212g

· Descarga: 55C continuo, 80C

· Velocidad de carga: 5C carga aceptable

Aplicacion: Acepow Gens ace 2, 600mAh 11.1V (3S1P) 55C high discharge rate, able to be charged by 5C

RC model batteries, this is kind of flight model battery and be rechargeable with 3 pin JST/XH balance plug

Suitable for Align 500, Esky helicopter, Walkera airplane, E-flite huge plane, Trex 450 PRO, MRC 450 Carbono, can be use for 3D aerobatic

Now 3D aerobatic is popular in all over the world, it is not only need superb skill, but also need strong acceleration

Gens ace 2, 600mAh 55C 3S Li-Pol battery is born to 3D fly, it bring strong acceleration to flayer, make it is easy to do some high difficult fly

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